Welcome to the chiropractic Art of Brent Alan Buss!
Pablo Picasso once said, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.As chiropractors, don't we strive to wash the physical dust of daily life out of our patient's bodies?  Daily wear and tear builds up and causes aches, pains, dysfunction and disease in our bodies and the stressors of life just adds to that.  We should eliminate all of those stressors in as many ways as possible... including providing an office that is warm, inviting and enables everyone who enters a sense of relaxation!

Adding art is one simple and cheap way of doing that.  Vibrant paintings change that "cold" atmosphere that most health clinics have.  It can create a sense of relief and relaxation as soon as someone enters your door.  We have this painting below in our reception room of our clinic in Appleton, WI and we receive countless positive feedback on a daily basis. 

Help wash the dust of daily life off your patients, not only with your adjustments, but also with a vibrant office atmosphere!  Add some art to your office and see how that small change can change the look and feel of YOUR office. 

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